How to Care Your Teeth with Hidden Braces?

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Hidden braces enable straightening of the teeth with the help of a series of clear removable plastic aligners. Regularly aligned teeth give you a charming smile and ensure good dental health. Now dental braces are revolutionary in that they completely eliminate the need to use metal wires and brackets.

Invisalign invisible braces are designed using three dimensional computer imaging technology after obtaining the bite imprints of your mouth. These aligners are replaced with another fresh set every two weeks. Along with each replacement of the aligners, your teeth will shift gradually to straighter positions. These invisible aligners can be customized exactly according to the specifications of your teeth.

Users are mostly able to attain positive results in terms of improved appearance of teeth and looks even during the initial stages of the treatment. In normal cases, the treatment duration is about twelve months. It is necessary to consult the orthodontist every four to eight weeks. This helps the orthodontist to evaluate the degree of improvement attained and also make essential modifications according to the present requirements.

By making use of this orthodontic treatment system it is possible to solve almost all irregularities of your teeth. These include overbites, cross bites, under bites, overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth and many more. On account of the convenience and comfort offered, this treatment system is widely opted by many teenagers and adults for resolving teeth abnormalities.

The main beneficial aspects of using dental braces are that the aligners are removable. The patient can eat food without experiencing any discomfort in the mouth. This is also easy to maintain better oral hygiene. These aligners do not require frequent adjustments as the metal braces. So due to its invisible property, the main fact that you are undergoing treatment will remain hidden from others.

Basically the most difficult thing of wearing hidden braces is thoroughly cleaning them. This is really necessary. Sometimes there are hard-to-reach areas that don't seem to get penetrated even by thorough brushing. So you need to clean those areas properly. So you must try how to use the most efficient method in brushing teeth with braces and also the foods to avoid while you are on braces.

Dental braces require the utmost attention and proper care of any dental appliance, as because braces usually last two to four years and dislocations of the brackets may lead to a visit to the dental clinic, resulting to unwanted fees. During present time the braces are by fact the toughest dental appliance to clean. Most of the people who wear braces are faced with the responsibility of brushing their teeth after every meal.

Especially after eating seafood and before going to sleep. This is really important for your teeth. At the same time this is also imperative to know that what kinds of food are recommended to people who wear braces. At present several dentists recommend easy to chew, well cocked and soft foods to avoid breakage and misalignment of braces.

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How to Care Your Teeth with Hidden Braces?

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How to Care Your Teeth with Hidden Braces?

This article was published on 2013/12/21